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Health Care Components

Under HIPAA, the University is considered a “hybrid entity.” This term is used to describe an organization that has some areas that are subject to HIPAA, and other areas that are not subject to HIPAA. When an organization is a hybrid entity under HIPAA, those areas that are subject to HIPAA are also referred to as the “health care components.” The health care components must include:

• Health care providers that submit bills to insurance companies to receive payment for services provided to patients

• Health plans

• Areas of the organization that support either of the areas listed above, and access PHI to provide that support


At the University, the following areas are considered health care components that make up our hybrid entity:

• UPlan
• Boynton Health Services
• UMD Health Services
• Julia Davis Speech Clinic
• Medical Schools (TC & D)
• School of Nursing & Faculty Practice
• College of Pharmacy & Faculty Practice
• Dental School & Dentistry Clinics
• AHC Centers
• AHC Administrative Shared Services
• Internal Audit
• Office of General Counsel
• Office of Institutional Compliance
• Office of Measurement Services
• Athletic Training (TC only)